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Green Branch in Lake

Operation "Home Site"

In October, 2017 SFA Chapter 1-18 loss our team home to damage caused by Hurricane Matthew. Since then we have relied on the support and kindness of other local organizations to provide us a place to meet. We now have a new site to call Home in Fayetteville, North Carolina! 


We are in the process of negotiating and securing funding to formally and permanently acquisition this property for all current and future members. This unique property provides an extraordinary opportunity for SFA 1-18 to not only have a permanent Team House but to expand the capacity and amenities that we can offer to the Special Forces Association and its members but we NEED YOUR HELP!


This page has been established to keep everyone of our members and supporters updated on the plan and the process to raise money in this endeavor. We have established a GOFUNDME page as well as other current and forthcoming events such as our Three (3) Gun Raffle in hopes to raise enough funds to secure a loan and ultimately purchase this property for SFA Chapter 1-18's Team House/Compound! We ask everyone to spread the word to our global Special Forces network and any Patriots that will support our fundraising campaign. We thank each member and everyone contributor in advance for your contributions in making this vision a reality. 


Member of Chapter 1-18 Past, Present and Future

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Fundraising Info

We will update this page with new fund raising events and status of funding achievements. 

GOAL:  $ 240,000


*all proceeds are for the purchase and building of SFA 1-18 Team House/Compound

Fundraiser Links


Please checks payable to:

"SFA Chapter 1-18 (LPF)"


Mail To: 

P.O. Box 118, 

Fayetteville, NC 28301-0118

What's The Plan...?

Property Overview

Team House & Property is located at:


1509 Zinnia Court

Fayetteville NC


Property is approximately 64 acres in size.


Current Layout

  • The gray line depicts current asphalt driveway

  • Building 11800 sqft drive-thru metal barn (climate controlled gathering hall currently arranged for 65 people to sit and eat)

  • Building 2: 3 bedroom house (office, merchandise sales, pool table and bar along with irreplaceable memorabilia)

  • Building 3: 2 car garage (maintenance and storage shed)

  • Building 4: 20’ conex (food and drink storage)


Phase I

"Parking Lot"

  • Parking area/lot will be approximately 3 acres when completed.


Phase II

"Covered Awning"

  • The awning will be 20’ wide and approximately 180’ long.

  • This covered walkway would have ample space for a long row of picnic tables, while still allowing people to transit between the buildings.

  • Initially, plastic or tarps could be used to block the wind or retain some heat, but eventually, this structure would be improved to have plywood walls and windows.


Phase III

"Latrine Addition"

  • Currently the house (#2) has two bathrooms, requiring a lease for port-o-lets. 

  • Building #5 will be an additional bathroom facility to handle increased members and function usage. 


  • Estimated capacity will increase by 6 toilets and will require a septic tank installation and new well. Including future RV slots (phase 5).


Phase IV

"Nature Trail"

  • Step 1 – Utilize a forestry cutter to clear a lane, grind the stumps and mulch the downfall along the boundary to allow walkers or golf carts easy passage. 


  • Step 2 – Using the same equipment, clear 12 shooting lanes for future use as deer hunting or sporting clay positions. (approximate 150-200’ x 50’ lanes)


  • For reference – the area of the trail around the Burge Clays is approximately 25 acres.  The area depicted here is approximately 46 acres.


Phase V

"Stocked Pond"

  • Step 1 – Clear a 3-acre plot of land 


  • Step 2 – Dig a 6-8’ deep pond.  Dirt can be repurposed for a berm or used to level Phase 6 RV area


  • Step 3 – Fill and stock pond with brim, crappie or bass


Phase VI

"RV Slots"

  • Starting with Area 1 (based on current locations of water wells) place 6 RV slots. 


  • Eventually Area 2 would be included to support 6 or more RV slots.  A new well tank would be required.


  • Long term rental of these RV slots would be geared primarily towards active duty Special Forces Soldiers.  Many guys come to Fort Bragg to attend 4-6 month long schools or leave their families behind if assigned to Training Group. 


  • This would provide these bachelors and TDY students a place, outside a hotel or shared apartment to live and interact with other SF members.  Retirees and other SF travelers would be welcome, but primarily on a temporary basis. 

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